The Reason Children Find This Puzzle So Easy To Solve, But Adults Struggle


What number is under the parked car?



Have you figured it out yet? No? try and look at the image upside down. There we go!

Don’t worry if you didn’t manage it on your own, we didn’t get it either.

Dr David Whitebread, a senior lecturer in psychology at Cambridge University’s faculty of education, spoke to i100 about the puzzle and why children find it so much easier to crack. And it turns out it’s purely because the younger you are, the more creative of a thinker you tend to be.

“[It is a] good example of how children are much more flexible than adults in their thinking and how, sadly, we often knock this out of them in school where there is still to much emphasis on getting it right and not nearly enough on creative thinking,” he said.

Let us know in the comments if you managed to crack it! (Before we gave you a clue, that is)

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