A Preacher Yells Homophobic Remarks In Public So This Musician Stepped Up



Busker Axel Winter was doing his thing on the streets of Sydney when a preacher stood on a chair and started yelling homophobic insults such as “today, God hates you if you are a homosexual.”

Said homophobe is cleverly depicted by the large red and white arrow below…



The preacher was probably doing this because the annual  Mardi Gras festival was happening at the time and he wanted to, you know, spread some hate.

Alex moved his band closer to the preacher and they launched into a rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s classic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Only instead of “girls” he changed the lyrics to “boys.”

The following day Alex posted an update to his Facebook page.

“Yesterday, a man tried to yell hateful religiously inspired things about gay people in Pitt Street mall. So, myself and the other buskers moved my stuff behind him and drowned out his negativity. The crowd cheered and sang along and soon enough he was gone. Thank you sydney for taking a stand for equality. Whether you’re homosexual or transgender or even just confused, you’re still my friend.”

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