Police Search For A Man Who Has Taken A Dump On 19 Cars In 2 Years



Warning, what you’re about to read is a whole heap of s**t, literally.

We wonder what the trigger was that made this man suddenly think to himself, you know what, I’m going to around and take a dump on peoples cars. Yes, that’s what I’ll do with my life.

Whatever it was, police in Akron, Ohio are hunting this serial poopetrator down. Since 2012, Akron police have received at least 19 reports of feces appearing on the bonnets and handles of cars, in some cases smeared about. Those who left their doors unlocked receive an even worse surprise.


One man had enough and set up a camera to flush out the suspect. Since last October, his daughter’s car has been targeted six times, prompting the man to set up a camera that took photos every 12 seconds for two weeks. 

His camera took 30,000 photos of absolutely nothing until Tuesday morning. Finally his trap worked and a photo of the man has been released. Surely someone in the local area must recognise the man. Although maybe nobody wants to admit to being mates with him.


The campaign is hotting up and we hope to be informing you of the arrest of a serial pooper in the very near future.

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