These Pods Offer You A Unique Take On Life After Death



Tombstones? Rubbish. Trees? Brilliant. Human sized muddy sacks instead of Coffins? Now you’re talking our language. Specifically, Italian, as that’s where Capsula Mundi hails from.

With news of British burial space fast running out and there not being as much oxygen as we had hoped for floating around, Industrial designers and Freelance Visualisers (we don’t know either) Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel have proposed the concept for a new sort of “Green Graveyard.”

It’s where dead loved ones are placed in the foetal position in egg-like pods made of biodegradable Starch Plastic. These are then planted into the ground with tree seeds of your choice planted on top.


The idea is that the body of said dead person will act as a fertiliser as it decomposes which will nourish the growing tree above them. This will reverse the loss of a tree for when a coffin needs to be built and actually have one grown instead.


It’s a very poetic idea, a forest of lost souls whose whole beings are perpetually represented by growing trees that they have become part of, the very symbol of life.

However, the idea also has its downfalls. Assuming there is no space for normal graves to be planted, there will still be a lack of space for these new ones, whether or not they are trees.

Let’s hope someone is stopping kids from carving their names in your bark? It won’t be you, with your branches.

Anyway, since you can chose whatever tree you like, what would you go for if that isn’t too much of a morbid question?

H/T: Elite Daily, CapsulaMundi

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