Author Under Fire After Dyed Pink Cat Dies



Animal rights activists have been criticizing an author after she dyed her cat pink and poisoned it with the toxic hair dye.

Len Lenina made the cat the main attraction at her ‘pretty in pink’ party, where all guests, including the cat, had to wear pink.

Those that had attended the party were reported as saying that the cat, who was still a small kitten in September when the party took place, had been hysterical all evening, constantly trying to jump out of her owner’s hands.

Her stunt invited a lot of criticism but she rejected it. Lenina said: ‘The pink colour was especially chosen for its healing properties and also strengthens the cat’s hair. My vet told me it was a beneficial addition to him.’


Lenina apparently lost interest in the kitten after the party. The cat continued to lick its pink fur and animal rights activists are suggesting that it ingested some colour from which it later died.

A vet who examined the cat diagnosed her as being ill due to poisoning from a toxic substance.

There is now a petition asking that the government investigate the right animal cruelty charges. The petition has already received thousands of signatures, but the government is yet to respond.

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