People Are Falling For This Woman On Tinder. But She’s Not What It Seems



This is 25-year-old Ava. According to her profile she is keen on drawing and busy intersections in cities. Does she mean roundabouts? Sounds ideal for a date on the M25.

Tinder users at the SXSW festival in Austin were swiping right in their droves on Saturday. Who can blame them, she’s gorgeous, right?

So, what’s the catch? One of the users, a friend of website Adweek, found out after his initial chat with her.


Brock must have been delighted with the way things were going, barely a few messages in and already the ‘L’ word has come up.


This definitely isn’t your usual Tinder back and forth, but isn’t she adorable?


You can just imagine him scrambling across to her Instagram profile, dreaming of coffee dates and sophisticated chat.

This is what he encountered.


It was a promo for the film’s US premiere that was coincidentally happening that very evening at the SXSW festival. Why, you little…

Poor Brock. He’d fallen for a marketing stunt by the films promoters and his chat up lines were being eaten up by a robot, albeit a very sexy and sophisticated one.

What makes this campaign even cooler is that what happened to Brock actually mirrors the plot of the film itself. In the film a young coder partakes in an experiment on artificial intelligence by evaluating the human qualities of the stunning love machine Ava.

The Ava that Brock had been chatting to is the same Ava from the film, played by Swedish actress Alicia Vikander.

It’s a pretty cool marketing trick. Not only did it work on the guys in Austin, it’s now being talked about across the globe. Hats off to whoever thought of this one, you deserve a bonus. 

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