It's Official. There Is Only One Correct Way To Hang Toilet Paper



This may be an argument settler the world over. What is the the proper way to hang a roll of toilet paper in the bathroom? The great debate is finally over, and it turns out this should have been done 124 years ago.

According to a patent from 1891, the end of a roll should be on the outside while hung, so in the “over” position. The patent was made by New York businessman Seth Wheeler, founder of the Albany Perforated Wrapping Paper Company, who is also responsible for why we are able to tear off perfect squares of T.P. Here is a photo from the patent of the correct usage:


So there you have it. Case closed. The same Twitter user who discovered the toilet paper patent has also discovered a second one from 1892, just to back his argument up we guess. 


This seems like as good a time as any to watch this video again. This dad showing his kids how to change the toilet roll went viral last year, always worth a watch.


H/T Daily Mail

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