£40,000 A Year To Do What To Chickens?


Chicken Sexer

As good as you think you are with the birds, there’s always room for improvement. As luck would have it, with three years training you could be sexing chicks with the best of them! 

The British poultry industry is no longer the global powerhouse that we have been showing off to our foreign friends. We know, sad news.

But the blame is with us, unfortunately. Apparently (and you’re not going to believe this) there’s not a queue going around the street corner for the role of spending 12 hours a day staring at chicks and separating them by gender. Even though it pays £40,000 a year! 

Although the job may seem a tad on the bizarre side, it’s considered a high-status role in South-East Asia even though you’re expected to sex around 800-1200 chicks a day with, at the very least, a 97% accuracy rate. 

Somehow someone from The Times managed to get hold of Andrew Large, the chief executive of the British Poultry Council who said…

“I think the problem is the job itself. You are spending hours every day staring at the backside of a chick. That is not seen as being attractive.” 

Clearly being modest but that’s Andy!

So, our top tip for today is to stop what you’re doing at Uni, go through three years of training and then get paid an outrageous amount to stare at birds arses all day.

Before you apply, take a sneak peak at what you could be doing

H/T: Daily Mail

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