She Became A Mum At Just 13 After Being Raped. Then Her Attacker Started Attending Her School



Three years ago, a terrible thing happened to a thirteen year-old girl called Ashley from Indiana in the US. She was raped by one of her brother’s friends.

The boy was of a similar age and the terrible rape left Ashley pregnant. Her attacker was prosecuted and charged on three counts. The investigation revealed that Ashley wasn’t the boys only victim. 

She was left with an incredibly tough decision to make, did she keep the child or have an abortion? Few would blame her for choosing to have an abortion considering her age and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy. But, despite all of this, Ashley decided to keep the baby. It was a healthy little boy and she called him Aiden.

Ashley’s parents chose to look after Aiden so that she could return to school. But Ashley was in for a nasty shock. The boy that raped her had served his juvenile sentence and was now attending the same school as her. Some awful management by authorities had put her in the worst position imaginable. Without hesitation, her parents pulled her from the school and she began to study elsewhere.

Ashley worked hard and excelled at her new school. She’s now 15, almost 16 and has developed into a straight A student.


More tragedy recently struck when her brother was killed in a hit and run accident. They’re not a lucky family.

To make her situation more difficult there are no laws helping mothers with children born from rapes in her home state. For maintenance money, Ashley would have to pursue her attacker through the courts and allow him access to the child.

But she remains strong and with the help of her friends and parents, as well as the love of Aiden, she’s battling through. Life will get good again soon, no doubt.

Ashley has shown incredible bravery, she’s a fantastic example of how a positive attitude and outlook can really change lives. 


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