Our Moon Replaced With Different Planets In The Solar System Looks Insanely Cool



This video shows us what our skies would look like if our Moon was replaced with other planets at the same distance.

Mercury was intentionally left off since it’s not much bigger than the moon… and you would not be able to tell the difference. Yeti Dynamics also scaled everything correctly, so what you see is accurate.

We would suffer from really horrible tides, and volcanoes and some pretty bad radiation from Jupiter. It *could* strip away our atmosphere, but they didn’t do the maths to be sure.

Eventually our planet would become tidally locked (that is the same side of Earth would always face Jupiter. we would still have some bad tides and volcanoes from being in a slightly ellipitical orbit, and from the other moons of Jupiter, and the Sun having tidal influence). The maker of the video guessed that the tides would be approximately 300 times more exaggerated than they are now. This figure could be way off, it was an educated guess from Yeti Dynamics. 

We would not be in the visible rings of Saturn.  There are some very very faint rings that stretch out far that we would be in, but yeti dynamics did not model them.

They also pointed out that  we would be a moon of Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. They are much larger than the Earth.

Here’s the order: Mars / Venus / Neptune / Uranus / Jupiter / Saturn


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