The Miracle 21-Week-Old Baby Who Survived Against All Odds


This is Amillia Taylor, who was born when she was  only 21-weeks-old — two weeks before the legal limit for terminations in the USA and three weeks in the UK. She was a miracle baby.



Amillia is the world’s youngest premature baby to ever survive such an early birth. Amillia was so tiny that she weighed less than 10oz and her body was transparent, with skin so delicate that it nearly ripped off during birth.

This little baby not only battled for her life, she also had an unwavering, loving mother who fought to keep her alive. In Florida, doctors have the legal right to refuse to revive a newborn before 24 weeks. But Sonja wasn’t about to let that happen. Instead, she chose to lie in order to convince them to save her baby. She was only 21 weeks and six days along when she gave birth, though doctors wrongly thought she was 24 weeks into her pregnancy.

It was a lie that changed everything.

Managing to get the doctors to believe that her pregnancy was further advanced than it really was gave Amillia a fighting chance.

If you want to get an idea of just how tiny she was, the delivering doctor had a difficult time finding her in the womb.

That’s not even the worst part; Sonja was also hiding the fact that she had a severe infection. She and her husband kept the secret for fear that doctors wouldn’t attempt to bring her child back to life.

As soon as the baby was born via C-section, Amillia was put into an incubator, covered with tubes and placed in bubble-wrap to keep her warm.

Despite doctors having so little faith that the nine-and-a-half inch long baby would make it out of the hospital alive that they wouldn’t even call her by name, she somehow persevered.


If the hospital would have known the truth from the beginning, Amillia wouldn’t be alive today.

What do you think? Did her parents to the right thing?

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