Meet The Robot Who Can Tell Jokes, Recall Memories And Mimic Humans



Bina48 is one of the most sophisticated robots ever built. She’s modeled after a very real woman named Bina Aspen.

Bina48 is a more than just a robot, she is a“mind clone.” Bina Aspen spent more than 20 hours recalling her childhood experiences, life experiences and thoughts. The information was “then transcribed and uploaded to an artificial intelligence database.”

She or is it It? Anyone know the correct pronoun for a human mimicking robot? Anyway, Bina48 cost over $125,000 to make and was built by robot designer David Hanson. 

Here’s where it all gets a little bit weird. Two videos of Bina48 having a conversation with Bina Aspen. Prepare yourself for a total mind trip…

Here’s part one of the video

Here’s part 2 of the video


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