McDonalds Graces Us With Their First Official Clothing Line



“McDonalds? Boring. I don’t just want to be able to eat my burgers, I want to wear them. You know what I’m saying?”

Yes, yes we do. And message received as now you can buy official McDonalds branded clothing with your favourite Big Macs printed all other them. 

The line was released in Stockholm, Sweden as a stunt to re-introduce that McDonalds flavoured spark in to all of our lives. It was done by a brand known as imlovingit24.

You can check out their collection below and maybe even purchase your very own piece from the Big Mac Shop and show it off to all of your friends. That’s a sure way to be cool.

Not sure about the matching thermals but whatever floats your boat…


You could get all toasty like one of their apple pies in this fine blanket


Or be the proverbial burger in a bun made of pillows and duvets? 


You can surround yourself with this fantastic wall paper?


Or brace the festivals with these delightful wellies


Big Mac mac… get it? Clever, huh?


She gets that you shouldn’t wear double-donalds.


What do you think? Let us know whether you’d get any McDonalds clothing in the comments!

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