It May Look A Bit Like An Alien But The Truth Is Much Sadder



At first glance this creature looks like some kind of alien or Gollum. The strange-looking animal was spotted crawling through the wreckage of a palm plantation in Sarawak, Malaysia. This video already has 5 million views on YouTube and initially sparked wild theories of there being an alien in our midst.

The video actually features a sun bear, which when in full health looks like the picture below. The bear in the video clearly looks as thought it is struggling to move which is most likely because one of the people who had discovered the animal had just hit it.

One of them told the Borneo post 

“We were shocked. None of us has ever seen such thing. One of us then hit the animal until it appeared to have passed out. It could be a rare species of bear. When it regained consciousness, we forced it to go back into the jungle,”


The video is being used by Facebook group Nature Talks Back to highlight the torrid plight of many animals in Borneo. The rainforests in the area are being sacrificed for palm plantations at a rapid rate.

Sun bears are one of the species threatened as a consequence. This campaign is gaining more coverage due to the nature of the video above and the crazy alien theory that initially sparked interest. 

The palm plantations are happening because many large companies are refusing to pay a premium for palm oil. Those of you who wish to make a difference are being encouraged to either consume products made with sustainable palm oil or avoid them completely. 

It’s sad that it has taken rumours of an alien to bring this topic the coverage it deserves. Let’s hope more can be done to protect species such as the sun bear. 

H/T: The Dodo, IFLScience

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