This Man Owes His Life To A Sea Lion


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Back in the year 2000, Kevin Hines was battling with depression and at a last-ditch attempt to end his suffering he tried to commit suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

However, upon colliding with the water, Hines survived and was then presented with the terrifying sight of a shark swimming his way. He said on the matter…

“[I was] in the water desperately trying to stay alive and stay afloat, [and] I guess you would call it a mammal began swimming beneath me and I’m thinking, ‘Oh man, a shark is about to devour me’.”

But this was no shark, it was in fact a Sea Lion. It is believed that the Sea Lion was waiting with Hines as he lost consciousness to keep him afloat until a coast guard arrived and took him to a hospital.

After seeing Kevin Hines speak on a suicide prevention seminar years later, a man wrote in to say that he was just feet away when Kevin jumped and had been haunted by the idea of him being dead since.

He went on to explain that as people ran to look over the side of the bridge in utter bewilderment, they witnessed the Sea Lion keeping Hines stay above the water.Kevin.jpg

Until Kevin Hines appeared at the suicide prevention seminar, no-one who had witnessed the event was sure as to what the outcome was. The last they saw was Hines being dragged out of the water and sped away by a coast guard as a sea lion took its leave.

Kevin Hines now dedicates his life to suicidal prevention, he gives speeches all around the world and has the title of Mental Health advocate.

If you or a loved one ever have suicidal thoughts, we implore you to call Samaritans or tell your loved one to at 08457 90 90 90. Failing that you can also visit a UK branch in person.

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