This Man Getting Bullied On The Internet Led To Women And Celebrities Everywhere Wanting To Dance With Him


The Internet can be a cruel beast sometimes, but then it can be a sensitive and loving soul at others. The story of the ‘Dancing Man’ affords us a glimpse of both that very ugly and the very beautiful sides of the web.

It all started with this circulating online. Two photos of the ‘Dancing Man’ were posted with the caption: ‘Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.’

The man was snapped happily dancing in one shot – and bowing his head in apparent humiliation in the other.


Fortunately the majority of people aren’t nasty and the attention quickly turned to positive energy. A woman named Cassandra Fairbanks decided to start a Twitter campaign, #FindDancingMan. In addition to asking everyone for help in finding the man, she also offered up a huge dance party for the guy with Cassandra and 1,700 other women.




The Dancing Man popped up pretty quickly. He lives in London and his real name is Sean. Sean has since connected with Cassandra and it seems the dance party is definitely on once Sean returns from a trip in Kiev.





What had started as cruel bullying had soon turned into an outpouring of affection and kindness. 


With celebrities getting involved. 



And even a free venue to host the party.



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