Lidl Troll One Direction In A Hilarious Way



As the internet erupted yesterday with News of Zayne Malik announcing his departure from One Direction, mounds upon mounds of people took to twitter to have their comments heard. Amongst them were some very funny responses but head and shoulders above all was what Lidl had to say.

Take a bow.



This hilarious tweet was well received by most but one Twitter user seemed particularly irate about Lidl’s good natured joke.



We’re not sure what @Bal_demnic said but it must have been bad for it to evoke such a response.

Meanwhile, when probed, Will Ferrell had this to say – 

“I’m surprised the premier still went ahead.” In light of his new film, Get Hard.

“I think the Warner Brothers Lot shut down completely, and flags are at half-mast, but what can you do?”

Let us know what you think in the comments. Tragedy or you just don’t care?

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