Kenya's Program To Prevent Rape Has The Whole World Listening



Before we get to the nice but, we are going to have to start off with the sad truth. 1 in 4 girls and women in Nairobi, Kenya have experienced sexual assault. Schoolgirls have been subjected to rape from even their friends and boyfriends.

To stop these atrocities, in 2010, a group named No Means No began to offer self-defence classes in Nairobi for girl to help them vend off sexual predators. It showed fairly encouraging signs as it chose to empower the girls, not shame them.


As the girls in the program told the runners that the biggest problem was the boys themselves, No Means No decided to start up a new project name Your Moment Of Truth in which they taught boys about life’s big decisions.

Many of these boys were under the impression that it was OK to rape a girl if they were alone after dark, wearing revealing clothing or have been taken out on an expensive date.


Your Moment Of Truth, which taught boys that rape is never OK, was a huge success as rape dropped by 20% in schools were it was being taught.


A study taken on the teachings showed that boys who took the training were much more likely to intervene if they witnessed an assault and it also showed that rape from friends and boyfriends of the girls dropped dramatically.

By 2017, every secondary student in Nairobi will undergo assault prevention training.

The problem with the Self-defence classes that some of the girls were taking was that, if a girl puts up a fight, the situation can escalate into a higher risk and, in the past, some girls who did fight back have been blamed for what happened to them.


Committing a crime is a choice, and the No Means No program empowers young boys to choose not to commit that crime.

Rape is a global epidemic and Your Moment Of truth is a proven program which needs to be spread around the world if there is any hope of properly putting rape to a stop.

Take a look at their video to see what it’s all about.

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