Katie Hopkins And Danny Dyer Get Personal In Twitter Spat



We know what you’re thinking, Katie Hopkins involved in an argument with someone on Twitter, that never happens. This time the target of her venomous downpour is Danny Dyer.

What did he do wrong? Got engaged, the foolish swine. Danny’s fiance, Joanne Mas, proposed on Valentine’s day and the couple’s “exclusive engagement interview” with Hello magazine has just been published.

Danny let his Twitter followers know the good news.


But Katie wasn’t impressed with how it came about.¬† She is clearly has a strong opinion when it comes to marriage proposals……and just about every other topic under the sun.


Danny gave Katie what she was probably hoping for and took the bait, calling her out as being sexist. 7

More punches were thrown.





 Danny tried to end it all by rising above it.


There you have it. Danny Dyer VS Katie Hopkins, the battle of the day on Twitter.

Who won? Tell us your opinion in the comments.

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