Jeremy Clarkson Is Set For A Suprising Return To The BBC



Jeremy Clarkson is set for a grand return to the BBC as a guest presenter on Have I Got News For You.

Jimmy Mulville, Have I got News For You Series boss, has declared his support for Clarkson returning to the BBC – despite his suspension – and thinks the conversation with the broadcasters will be ‘interesting.’

Have I Got News For You is made by an independent production company called Hat Trick, and they are unsure as to whether the BBC are aware the Jeremy is due to be hosting.

Airing in April, the show will include the presenter being punched on television by the producer he had the ‘fracas’ with, if boss Mulville gets his way.

“Maybe we will get the producer on so he can hit Jeremy Clarkson live on television.”

Thousands of people complained as the Red Arrows documentary that replaced Top Gear on Sunday pulled in just over a million viewers – a lot less than the five million-plus viewers who tune in to Top Gear every week.


Meanwhile, Clarkson just couldn’t resist getting into further trouble when he published his column in the Top Gear magazine including some opinions about taxi drivers that have sparked controversy across the internet. He said:

You have a chap who has just arrived from a country you’ve never heard of, whose car smells faintly of lavender oil and sick, who doesn’t know where he’s going and can’t get there anyway because he never puts more than £2 worth of fuel in the tank of his car.

Then you have someone in a suit in a smart black Mercedes S-Class who does know where he’s going and is very polite but he charges around £7,500 a mile.”

When it comes to controversy, Clarkson just can’t help himself.

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