Jeremy Clarkson 'To Be Sacked Today'



It’s all about to reach a dizzy conclusion. After two weeks of rumour upon rumour, petitions being delivered via a tank, and countless opinions being bellowed across social media in verbal sword fights it seems as though today is the day, the day that we find out the fate of Jeremy Clarkson.

Those that were up late last night writing the script do not seem to have figured in a happy ending for Jeremy. The Telegraph, one of the UK’s more respected papers it has to be said, claimed that Lord Hall, The Director General of the BBC, will be announcing the sacking of the old boy today.

The internal investigation is over and the infamous ‘fracas’ has been clearly identified as Jeremy spending 20 minutes verbally abusing producer Oisin Tymon before launching a 30 second physical assault on him. And yes, it was because he wanted steak (and chips).

The end is nigh, there is no way Top Gear could possibly go on without Sir Jeremy Clarkson. Wait, we may have been a tad premature on the knighthood there. Oh, and maybe it WILL go on.

Chris Evans. That guy. According to The Telegraph he is the man the BBC want in to replace Jeremy. Chris is a self-confessed petrol-head, has one of the most prestigious car collections in Britain, and although he has previously ruled himself out of the running the BBC are said to be pretty determined to secure his services.

Chris Evans

We don’t blame them, the other front runners seem to be Piers Morgan and Boris Johnson, or are they just using the vacant position as Top Gear host to propel themselves into the public eye and keep themselves relevant? Surely not.

Whatever happens in the long run, today will be the day that the saga finally ends. A last minute reprieve for Jeremy seems unlikely but stranger things have happened. Either way, if you wish to avoid the subject we suggest retiring from social media for the next 48 hours, things are about to get ugly.  

H/T: The Telegraph

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