Jeremy Clarkson Responds To His Suspension From The BBC



Jeremy Clarkson, the man of many scandals. 

The Top Gear presenter was suspended from the BBC yesterday with the last three shows of the series being pulled from the schedule. So, what’s he done this time?

He punched a producer in a row over catering while filming on location in Newcastle upon Tyne. From the varying reports circulating it seems Jeremy was super hungry, no food had been laid on for the presenters, they argued and Jeremy ended up punching him. 

The Sun quoted a source as saying that the Top Gear host was “innocent”, and accusations that he punched Oisin Tymon, an assistant producer on the show, were false.

Jeremy isn’t exactly panicking though. According to The Telegraph he said he was having a “nice cold pint and waiting for this to blow over.”

He then tweeted this yesterday evening.


Poor Ed Milliband, his newsworthiness is lower than Jeremy Clarkson. It goes to show the best laid political plans can be ruined by a TV presenter getting into a “fracas.”

Earlier Jeremy and co presenters James May and Richard Hammond had made light of the situation by joking about what will replace Top Gear in the schedule.


The Backlash. 

If Jeremy does one thing well it’s divide opinion. Whilst many are happy that he has been suspended there are others campaigning to have him back on the BBC as soon as possible. 

A petition has been set up and when we checked it had 200,000 supporters. A Bring Back Clarkson Twitter account has also been gathering momentum.





Tell us your thoughts, should Jeremy be reinstated back at the BBC? Or is the Beeb a better place without him?

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