IKEA Have Come Up With An Awesome Solution For Charging Your Smartphone



When we normally think of IKEA we think of flatpack tables in six different colours. Not this time, it’s now the turn of IKEA the tech masterminds full if ideas and wizardry.

It can be annoying when your phone battery dies and there isn’t a charger knocking around. IKEA have only gone and solved that irritating problem. The Swedish furniture chain have revealed that new technology is going to be incorporated into some of their products.


This technology means that some furniture will have built-in wireless charging spots so that you will be able to charge your phone by placing it on top of a surface. It will literally be a case of X marks the spot, you put your phone and the X and your phone gets its juice.

The actual piece of furniture itself will be plugged in to a power point, but you and your phone will remain completely wireless – which is great news. The less wires the better.

Different phones will require different pads to charge, and IKEA have said they hope to provide for all needs.

According to reports, the charging pads will cost around £20 and should be available from mid April.

H/T: Her.ie, TopTechNews

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