Homeless Man Spots Rapist Attacking Woman And Takes Immediate Action


A homeless man  in Washington D.C. was looking for a place to sleep on Tuesday, when he came across an attempted rape and immediately intervened.


Ketrell Ferguson reported that he heard first heard screams and noticed a struggle around 3:30 a.m. At first, he thought it was a robbery. However, when he approached, he found 23-year-old Alemen Gonzalo attempting to rape a woman.

According to the police, the criminal had offered a woman money for sex. When she refused, he reportedly tried to rape her behind a bus stop.

Ferguson said that some of his relatives had been raped, so he couldn’t just stand by while she was attacked. Without thinking he stopped what he was doing and picked up half a brick and a stick.

“As soon as he lifted his head up, I smacked him with the stick hard as I could in his head,” Ferguson told NBC Washington. “He fell off the lady, stumbled and I smacked him again and I just kept smacking him with the stick as hard as I could.”

Police found the suspect around 4:40 a.m. bleeding from the head.

“Even though I’m going through hard times, God put in me in a place where I could help,” Ferguson said. “I was at the right place at right time.”

Gonzalo was later charged with assault and the intent to commit first degree sexual abuse.

Source: NBC Washington

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