Meet The Man Making $250,000 Impersonating Alan From ‘The Hangover’



Thaddeus Kalinoski was just some normal guy living a normal life. Then it all started to snowball downhill, he lost his job as a hotel manager and his wife left him. Thaddeus, most likely feeling a little down about the way things were going, gained 20 pounds and grew a huge beard.

It was then that he discovered he bore striking resemblance to Zach Galifianakis’ character from “The Hangover” films.

Like in all good stories, Vegas paved the way for wholesale change. Thaddeus said,

“Then one day after not shaving for several weeks I looked at myself in the mirror and thought ‘wait a minute – you look like Alan.’ People started telling me when I was out at night that I looked like him. So for kicks I decided to see if there was some money in doing this as a part time job to earn some extra cash.

I moved to Atlantic City to see what people thought and I had some fun, but then me and my buddy went to Vegas for a weekend away — and it all changed.”

“Groups often ask me to join them for dinner or a night at a club. It felt strange to be with strangers at first, but what was easy for me was that acting like Alan meant it wasn’t awkward. As long as I acted like him, most of the groups would just make jokes and have fun. It is a fantastic experience dipping into people’s lives like that.”

Alan, sorry, Thaddeus, gets paid up to $1,000 to attend events in Vegas and is earning around $250,000 a year. His job is basically to pretend to be someone else and party hard. We’re not sure on the perks of hotel management, but this change of career seems to be working out for him.

Thaddeus was even cast in “The Hangover Part III” as Galifianakis’ double because of his resemblance.

Along the wild ride he has met Mike Tyson (the real one)


Gene Simmons


Bradley Cooper


And a host of party animals….


Here’s what he used to look like…


H/T: The Daily Mail, Elite Daily

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