Here Are The Extravagant Demands Jeremy Clarkson And Co Made For Top Gear Live



Just when we thought there couldn’t possibly be anything left to report about Jeremy Clarkson this story comes along.

A three-page catalogue, obtained by the Daily Mail, shows the recently fired presenter and his two co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May have a pretty extensive list of requests while doing Top Gear Live. 




Let’s take a closer peek. From what we gather Jeremy is choosing to sacrifice the Lynx effect and insists upon Dove deodorant. They also seem to be pretty keen on entertainment, with a Playstation 3, Scrabble and Pictionary all must have items. 

Orange bean bags? Nice rubbish bins. A toaster, a kettle, enough booze to get you through a 10 man dinner party, steak knives (obviously). The list kind of reads a bit like ‘boys on tour, the latter years.’ 

The list has seen the threesome become branded as pop star divas. It is an exhausting collection but the guys probably foresaw Jeremy was going to get fired and decided to milk it while they could. 

A source told The Daily Mail: “All three presenters have their eclectic tastes and they certainly know what they want.

“Jeremy is very into his rosé and very particular about getting exactly the right type of wine.

“He also likes to be driven around in a Range Rover during these events.

“It’s fair to say he can be a little bit of a Prima Donna at times.”

The list is rounded of with the suggestion that a McDonald’s should be nearby, which isn’t difficult nowadays. 

Tell us your thoughts.

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