Emma Watson Responds To "Nude Photo Leak" Threats



A few months ago Emma Watson was threatened by hoaxers suggesting that they had nude photos of her and planned to share them with the web. It never happened, because they don’t exist, but for the first time Emma has spoken about the threats. 

The threats came after her famous UN speech. Yesterday Emma did a Q&A to talk about her HeForShe campaign and the subject came up, here’s what she had to say.

“After I gave my speech [at the U.N.] there was a website threatening to release naked pictures of me, with a countdown. I knew it was a hoax, I knew the pictures didn’t exist, but I think a lot of people that were close to me knew that gender equality was an issue but didn’t think it was that urgent – that it was a thing of the past. [They said], “We live in Great Britain! This is a thing of the past! We’re fine aren’t we? We’re good! We’ve got far enough.”

She goes on to explain that the threat was directly related to her decision to speak about Women’s rights.

“They saw that the minute I stepped up and talked about women’s rights, I was immediately threatened. Within less than 12 hours I was receiving threats. And I think that really shocked. One of my brothers in particular was very upset. So I think it was just a wakeup call. This is a real thing, it’s happening now. Women are receiving threats. I was just raging. It made me so angry.”

“It made me so angry. I was like, “This is why I have to be doing this. So if they’re trying to put me off, they did the opposite.”

The hoaxers, whoever they were, seem to have made a very determined enemy in Emma Watson. 

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