Dog Gets Revenge On Driver Who Kicked Him




This man found out the hard way that you can’t just kick a dog and expect to get away with it. 

An angry stray that was struck by a motorist got its revenge by going after where it hurts most – his prized car.

The man, for reasons only known to himself, kicked the dog because it was lay in his parking spot. The dog wandered off and the man probably thought that we’d won that little battle.

But no, far from it. The dog came back later with a few of his pals and together they vandalised the car. They bit at the paintwork and even took away some of his windscreen wipers. 



This all happened outside some flats in southwest China’s Chongqing





A neighbour took photos of the dogs and showed them to the driver, who was presumably regretting sticking his boot in. 

The dogs haven’t been seen since, no doubt they think that the scores have been settled and all is even.

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