A Dad's Reaction To Gay Son Coming Out Goes Viral



A screenshot of a conversation between father and son has gone viral. Unfortunately it’s for the wrong reasons that the post has garnered so much interest.

Tyler is 15-years-old and gay. He recently decided it was time to come out and wanted to tell certain individuals in his family separately. First up were his sisters and both were very supportive of him. Second was his mother, she was initially shocked but eventually showed herself to be very supportive.

Then came Tyler’s dad. This is his reaction.


Tyler’s father sent him a tirade of abuse, saying that he was going to puke and that his son coming out was worse than death.

The student from Vancouver, Canada, decided to post the chat online and has since received huge support from across the web. As you’d expect really, Tyler’s father has a very dated perspective.

Tyler has a great attitude though, here’s what he said when speaking to The Huffington Post.

“I just wanted to be open about it I didn’t want to hide it anymore.

I was so, so thankful that my mom supports me. I’m upset with what my dad said, but I don’t hate him

I’m hoping there’s still the possibility that he could change, even it takes while. Maybe he could accept me, because that’s all I want… I just want him to be there for me.”

Let’s hope that Tyler’s open mind may ignite a similar reaction from his father.

H/T: The Huffington Post

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