These Drones Could Help Put An End To Poaching


Before we get in to the feel good part, you’re going to need a bit a context. 10 years is how long we have left to enjoy Elephants and Rhinos on our planet if nothing changes.

Whilst there is a lot of preservation work going on to save them, the amount of poaching still taking place due to the everlasting demand for ivory is too significant to overlook. Every hour an elephant or rhino is killed.


Help, however, is on its way as Lindbergh Foundation have devised a fantastic plan to stop poachers in their tracks.

What they do is send out Air Shepherd drones which watch over the Rhinos and Elephants in much the same way a real shepherd might.


The drones are kitted out with both normal and infrared cameras in order to be able to see the animals and poachers at all hours.

The images are then watched in the U.S. thanks to special software, they then send the drone flight plans so they can keep an eye on the poachers. In necessary circumstances, rangers are then notified.


600 Tests have been carried out with this system and there have been no animal fatalities in the process. Amazing.

Of course, as can be expected, a foundation like this one needs your help. You can find out how to be part of it here.

You can check out their video here…

H/T: Upworthy

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