Bikers Give Pup Left For Dead A Second Chance At Life


A group of bikers saw this crate off the side o the road. They decided to go and check it out, and it’s a good job they did.


 You can see here that the crate was chewed up, suggesting something was inside trying to get out. 


 A dog had been left for dead in the crate, mercilessly abandoned by its owners. What an awful thing to do!


The pup was obviously in need of some nourishment and so they quickly fed it.


 They took the little lady into their car hoping to get her back to full health.


 She seemed pretty keen on the idea.


After being trapped in the crate they gave her a bath to make her feel fresh again.


 And then its off to the vet we go. Due to the length of time she’s been in the crate her nails were so long that they had grown back into her paws. 


 The bikers were smitten, They opted to keep her and pay for her medical needs. They received some donations after posting her story to Facebook.   


 Now she has a happy home…


 And thanks to these guys she gets a second chance at life. 


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