Adam Levine's Ace Reaction To Super Fan Having A Panic Attack




Meet Christopher Warner. He’s a MAHOOSIVE Maroon 5 fan, in particular he digs frontman Adam Levine. 

Christopher’s teachers had a cunning plan to get him back stage to meet his idol. They helped the 10-year-old, who has Downs Syndrome, make a video showcasing just what a colossal fan he is.

In the video Christopher can be seen singing Adam’s songs, telling teachers about his favourite tracks, and even partaking in a little karaoke. 

(Scroll to the bottom of the article to see the video in full.)

Huge spoiler alert, the video worked! 

US radio show The Kane Show made it possible for Christopher to meet Adam. When the time came,  Christopher was a little overwhelmed.

This is the big moment when the Kane Show intern took him to meet Adam Levine.

Adam Levine

But when he got there, the occasion got to Christopher a little and he had a panic attack, collapsing on the floor. Adam Levine reacted like a boss, a gentleman and a hero. He lay on the floor with Christopher, helping to calm him down.

The Kane Show. Facebook

When the opportunity for a floor selfie presents itself, it has to be taken.

Shopped Leving

Christopher now has a brilliantly unique photo with his hero that we doubt any of Adam’s other fans can boast about possessing. 

This is the video that Christopher’s teachers put together. 

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