4 Additions Are Being Made To The Nando's Menu



You’ve had just about as much PERI-PERI chicken as you can bare and now you’re beginning to look for new chicken-based emporiums. Hold your horses, buster! Nando’s are about to rock your world with four new dishes that will revitalise your luncheon once more (or four times more…)

Your favourite chicken floggers have done it again with these crazy-good looking dishes straight outta Mozambique/Portugal. Once you see these you’ll have to rethink your ordering strategy as it looks like that whole chicken you’ve been saving on that Nando’s card looks so 2014.

Let us talk you through the new editions…

Churrasco Thigh Burger


Described as ‘Sweet and Smoky’ by Nando’s themselves, the Churrasco Thigh Burger presents worthy competition to the classic chicken in pita. Including a chicken thigh in a Portuguese bun with Fino Slaw, Cheddar cheese and their very own bbq Perinaise.

Fino Coleslaw


For you preppy cats out there, the Fino Slaw is like the old one (which remains in case you’re wondering) except this one now has beetroot, carrots, spring greens and a lightly spiced yoghurt dressing. Nice.

Quinoa Salad


Now your gym-obsessed, meat-conscious and green advocate can join in the Nando’s based festivities as this protein-rich salad with avocado, quinoa, sweet potato and feta cheese has been added to the mix! 

Sweet potato wedges


These wedges that are actually bigger than the potato’s they came from (not true) are served alongside a ramekin of roasted seeds and a creamy coriander dip (True).

Set a reminder on your phone as these will be hot out of the chicken merchants kitchens come the 31st of march!

Looking forward to it or will you remain true to your old dishes? Let us know in the comments.

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