This Woman Left A Romantic Sign For A Random Guy And He Replied Perfectly


This woman did what most of us wouldn’t dare do, she put herself out there and it paid off. The woman, living in New Zealand, saw a guy she liked the look of and made a sign for him. She put it up in her home town of Pitcon.



The sign says:

“Is this you?’ I was sitting on the grass on Friday watching the sea… you were playing with your dog. You ran past me and smiled. Would you like to go for a drink/coffee/walk??? I’m in Wellington just now, my ferry arrives back in Picton on Tuesday 3rd. I’m in town for 1 night only… But let’s see how things go… On the off-chance you are single, remember who I am and would like to meet for a drink/coffee/walk. I’ll be sitting on the grass, watching the sea from 1-1.30pm onwards on Tuesday… Maybe you’ll run past again?!?”

The woman asked members of her community not to remove the sign. The romantic folk of Pitcon duly obliged, and the hope lived on.


This Sign Reads:

“Please don’t remove this sign. In the spirit of happy endings, give this sign a chance to be seen by the right eyes. It may even bring a dozen or so people back on Tuesday, intrigued… who is this girl with the long brown hair and the boy with the star tattoos and the dog and will they meet for a drink? I will, on my return to Picton on Tuesday, remove it myself… Whatever the ending may be. Thank you!”

The locals got behind her…


YES! Here he is….


Pouting, like you should…

6-compressed (1)

In an interview with a local radio station Will revealed that he was single and would definitely be showing up on Tuesday. 

Tuesday came around, and we finally got to meet the woman in question.


And so did Will



Nothing like a bit of old style romance. Now if they could send some of that shorts weather over here we’d be equally as happy as they look.

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