You Need To Learn How To Make This Giant Ferrero Rocher



Ferrero Rocher’s balls of hazelnut-coated Nutella bring a little bit of class to any occasion. So it goes without saying that a giant, humungous Ferrero Rocher brings a hefty wad of class to any occasion, right?

The gigantic chocolate is actually a hazelnut mousse cake. As awesome as it would be to have 2 litres of Nutella pouring out like a chocolate river it would be a little difficult to eat and a tad on the messy side. It still looks tasty though.  



Sugar Hero blogger Elizabeth made the cake to celebrate World Nutella Day. That’s a good enough excuse for us, although it looks like the kind of thing we’d be happy to eat 365 days of the year.

You can also make your own football-sized Ferrero Rocher. You’ll need a full jar of Nutella and 2lbs of chocolate, so it just requires a standard trip to the supermarket really.

Visit Sugar Hero for the full recipe. 

H/T: Pretty 52

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