This Kid Found A Phone, What He Did With It Won The Heart Of The Internet


We’ve all lost our fair share of phones over the years. Never seen or head from them again, not a trace. They obviously weren’t found by somebody as good as this lad.


12 year old Josh Brown was on a train when he found an iPhone, which rang shortly after he spotted it. Michelle Hickinbottom was ringing because her daughter Shaunnah had left the phone on the train by accident. He told the worried mum that he would leave the phone at Selly Oak train station’s ticket office, on his way home to Alvechurch in Worcestershire.

The relieved mother was grateful to Josh, and told him to leave his address with the phone so that she could send him £20 as an expression of thanks and gratitude.

When Michelle got to the ticket office to collect the phone, a note with Josh’s address wasn’t with the phone, but this note was.

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Michelle started a campaign to find Josh after this, and they were united in Alvechurch. Michelle said:

I just wanted to find him as I thought it was a lovely thing to do. I said to him on the phone at the time it was really appreciated and to leave his address so I could send him £20 to thank him really.

I was choked when I saw the letter. I was really overwhelmed. He will go far in life with an attitude like that. He seems a great lad.

Josh’s mum is feeling pretty stoked with her son right about now, saying:

We are very proud of him. But he just did the right thing. He said he wasn’t going to take any money off her and he’d just ask her to do something nice for someone else in future.

What a good kid.

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