A Woman Is Posting Period Pads With Messages On Them In Public


Feminism has been dominating the news recently as it is being further publicised by the likes of Emma Watson and other Hollywood stars. This woman from Germany decided to take her views a step forward with this “street art”.

Elone, from Karlsruhe, Germany has been going around her hometown and sticking (unused) sanitary towels onto objects with feminist issues printed on them.


Quotes include “imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods” and “Rapist rape people, not outfits”.

A few days ago, Elone posted pictures of her project on tumblr to a generally positive reception with women from all over the globe contacting her and asking whether they can replicate her “art” in their own home towns.


Some people may argue that the vast majority of men are disgusted by rape far more than they are about periods and they will support the feminist movement.

Nevertheless, responding to an unknown, apparently sexist, comment, Elone had this to say-

‘You poor little men please start telling me about how men are treated bad… how bad it is to get more money on every job, tell me how it is to be called a bitch, whore, slut, c*** for everything you do, please tell me how you got sex trafficked please… if men like you would start seeing the problem it would be a better place here so stop victimising yourself.’


padd !!!!!!!!!!

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