14 Crazy Photos With Even Weirder Explanations


1. The Alpine Ibex can, and does, climb nearly 90 degree surfaces. Here’s a few of them climbing the Cingino Dam in Italy, 150 feet high, not giving. (They do it to evade predators and eat the stuff growing on the cliffside.)


2. Don’t freak out, those aren’t parasitey maggot things that you can see. They’re pieces of feces used to protect the bugs larvae from predators. It’s decorative poop … protective decorative poop.


3. Rabbit Island. An actual real life place off the coast of Japan, filled with thousands of tame and approachable bunnies. Referred to by the locals as Okunoshima, it was a poison gas testing island during World War II. The bunnies were set free after the war, and multiplied. We need to go there, and we need to go there now.


4. Ever wondered where Argan Oil comes from? That stuff you put in your hair, on your face and even sometimes in your food? That miracle oil? It comes from these goat’s butts. No word of a lie. They climb these trees to get to the delicious fruits, and the seeds that they poop are processed to make Argan oil. Mmm, tasty.


5.  What’s that weird blob in this photo, you ask? Walruses (or should we say Walrusi? Walrussen?). Thirty-five thousand of them. Scientists snapped this pic and concluded they congregated there as a result of climate change, melting the ice and warming the waters. They say it’s an ‘unprecedented occurrence’.  Cue our walrus impression with two french fries… just us?


6. If we were to throw the phrases “dirty thunderstorm” into a conversation, we’re sure a plethora of not-so-PG things probably come to mind. Incorrect though, and we have a picture to prove it.  While Urban Dictionary may have a different definition, scientists say rock, ash, and ice particles collide to make these pretty and non-sexual electrical charges.


7. Death Valley’s “sailing stones” were a mystery for years. No one knew what caused them to move on ‘their own’, we’re pretty sure it was ghosts. Duh. In 2014 it was concluded that freezing nights caused ice to form underneath the rocks; and wind would then move them inch by inch, until they gave the impression of moving on their own. We’re still pretty sure it was ghosts. Sorry not sorry.


8. Every single day of every year, without fail, lightning strikes in the same place on the Catatumbo River in Venezuela. The Guinness Book inducted this location as the record-holder for most lightning strikes in one place (sometimes 200 in a minute). Some say it has to do with enclosed wind circulation within the region; but it remains a highly contentious debate. How exciting.


9. During a devastating flood in 2010, one-fifth of the Pakistan was submerged under water. As it so happens, spiders don’t like water either, and millions of them spiders sought refuge in trees.  Millions of them. This was taken near Karachi so bear with us while we make a note to ourselves to never go there, ever.


10. This is a beach in china, covered in a total of 362 tons of rubbish. More than 480,000 people descended upon Dampish Beach Park in Shenzhen during the Dragon Boat Festival and left unimaginable heaps of trash in their wake. And we thought our local area was bad…


11. The Inuits of northern Canada are just too bad-ass for words. Just chilling with some polar bears. No biggie.


12. David Geffen sold a classic Jackson Pollock in 2006 for a staggering $140 million. It became the record for the most expensive painting ever sold.


13. We immediately assume something like this cant be legit, but ordering brides from overseas is actually quite a budding business. For realsies. In places like China, where female brides are in high demand due to gender imbalances, some men resort to flat out  importing their spouse. Buy your wife today!


14. This is the Decebal Hotel in Romania, and  it’s 150 years old. You know what that means. It was closed for more than five years recently and construction workers – among visitors of all backgrounds – claim to have seen a woman in a white dress. This picture was snapped in 2008. Spooky.


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