12 Refrigerator Hacks For The Most Organized Fridge Of Your Life!


1. Ever thought ‘Damn, my fridge could do with a few more shelves’?

You have?! What a coincidence. Try using some heavy duty or metal magazine holders. And voila, your fridge will never be the same again.



2. Get on your strong man boots and move your fridge 1-2 inches further away from the wall. Studies suggest it will use 40% less energy. 



3. Use cute little baskets to keep your stuff in order



4. Use a clip to stack your bottles effectively



5. Sick of cleaning the shelves? Wrap them in cling film or other plastic wrap and just replace when it’s starting to look a bit scummy.



6. Use cardboard dividers to organise your sauces 



7. Ditch the clingfilm and other methods of wrapping up your precious uneaten bacon and just invest in one of these bad boys



8. Find yourself with too many mustards? (Is this a common problem?) Use an egg carton and keep those pesky mustards in check.



9. How to organise that fridge



10. Use dry erase markers to note what’s inside the fridge. Or, alternatively, to make your shopping list.



11. These handy anti-roll little bottle doo-daahs



12. Use activated carbon to get read of those questionable whiffs in your fridge. Or you could just, yanno, clean it  



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