Rose And Rosie Cause A Stir With Their Stunning Wedding Pictures


Rose Dix and Rosie Spaughton had both always wanted a big white wedding. And they had one. Except their wedding day had two brides and no groom.

The happy couple have been causing a stir online with their wonderful wedding pictures. And yes, they both have the same name, amazing.

The girls, who tied the knot on Saturday, have been dating for almost four years. The two have a large audience thanks to Rose’s YouTube channel and Rosie’s blog.

It was almost a year ago that Rose popped the question with this awesome drawing.


They may have had a white wedding but it’s not all been traditional for the two of them. They broke one of the age old rules of marriage and saw each other’s dress before the big day when they flew out to New York to but them together.

There is reason behind this madness though, they wanted to make sure that the dresses complimented each other. Speaking to the Metro, Rose said.

“Rosie tried on a white dress and I tried on an ivory dress and when we stood together we both looked so mismatched.”


“‘We are both girlie girls (especially Rosie!) and both always dreamed of an elegant traditional white wedding.”



Both women were accompanied down the aisle by their fathers.

“Both our families have been extremely supportive and accepting. Both sets of parents are so loving to both of us, we are incredibly happy we have such wonderful families!”



Lovely stuff. Two brides called Rose and one wonderful wedding. Congratulations to the two of them. 

H/T: The Metro

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