Woman Bit Tongue Off Sex Attacker And Ran Home With It In Her Mouth To Give To Police



Adele Barber bit off her sex attacker’s tongue to make sure she had enough DNA to give to police and get him convicted. Her bravery is all the more admirable considering she was raped ten years ago in a separate incident. 

She appeared on This Morning to talk about what happened. 

“I thought I will bite down as hard as I can, catch as much DNA as I can, show it wasn’t consensual and cause as much pain as possible.”

Brave Woman

Adele was walking through an alley when the man brushed past her – she thought little of it until she was pushed against the fence.

He put his tongue in her mouth and she bit down as hard as she could ripping away the tip of his tongue. Adele says that if anything he seemed to enjoy the pain, so she clawed at his face hoping to get as much DNA as possible. Eventually Adele broke free and ran a mile home with the piece of his tongue still in her mouth. She called the police before even explaining to her husband what had happened as she was that focussed and intent on preserving the evidence. 


“I was determined this time. No one is going to do this to me again. After the first assault I was a mess. I was young and naive and I didn’t go to the police. There wasn’t enough evidence to convict him.”

The DNA provided a match, and the  attacker has since been caught and identified as Ferdinand Manila. Manila has been committed to a psychiatric unit but incredibly Adele still manages to remain open-minded and express empathy for her attacker.
“Hopefully he can get the treatment he needs and he can start his life again.”
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