Widow Stunned To Receive Valentines Surprise From Her Late Husband


Shelly Golay, 52, from Wyoming, USA,  said she was stunned when flowers were delivered from her husband of 28 years, Jim, who passed away last June after being diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Yes, a real life P.S I Love You.


The note read ‘Happy Valentine’s Day Honey. Stay Strong! Yours Forever, Love Jim,’ and was accompanied by a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She was absolutely certain that the flowers were a kind gesture from her kids, but after calling the florists it was revealed that Jim had organised the surprise not long after his diagnosis, and that he had made sure  it would continue every year after he was gone.

‘Until the day I die I’ll get Valentine’s flowers on Valentine’s Day and that’s just a testament of his love all over again,’ she told KCWY.


Jessie Row works at the flower shop Jim made arrangements with. She says, “Basically, he had called and set it up before he passed and what it’s going to be is just every Valentine’s Day, just some of her favorite assorted colored roses will be sent until the day she dies.”

Shelly says, “It was true love and you just don’t find that very often, you know. The fairy tale romance, the knight in shining armor, you just don’t find that. And even though we didn’t get the fairy tale ending, it was amazing.”


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