In 2024, 4 People Will Travel To Mars And Never Return. Meet The Finalists.


Back in 2012, Mars One announced plans to try and colonise Mars. Those that take part in the history-making first trip will do so with the knowledge that they will never return alive to planet Earth. 

It takes a certain kind of person to sign up to such a trip, buthey weren’t short on willing participants. From more than 200,000 people who hoped to leave Earth and die on Mars, only 660 remain in the running. Those that are left now face a more testing astronaut selection process.

For those who make the final cut and earn a seat on the Mars One mission, the one-way trip to the red planet set for take-off in 2024.

What kind of person would sign up to something knowing that they would never come back? Let’s take a closer look.

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Meet Ryan MacDonald, Dina Masodi and Jeremias Naiene.

These are three of the men and women who hope to make the historic trip.

Ryan is a physics student from the UK.


More about Ryan:

He can recite 90 digits of Pi. (Easy, 3.14….uhm, ok)

– Ryan’s never had the desire to have sex and has never kissed anyone. You’d think this will help him as he is unlikely to fall in love before take off, but on the flip side if they are trying to colonise, doesn’t reproduction come into it?

– When Ryan was two years old, his father abandoned him and his sister. His most traumatic times in life resulted from the abandonment. He says that going to Mars would be like abandoning everyone, which might make it hard to do.

– The reason he wants to find a life on Mars is to leave behind a legacy. He will definitely do that should it be a success.

Dina is an Iraqi-American computer science graduate


More about Dina:

When she left her family in Iraq, she knew it was forever. She feels going to Mars and leaving Earth forever will be a similar experience.

– Dina believes that “love” is just an emotional need. She says it’s not something she believes in or needs. You have to feel sorry for any guys that have fallen for her, she is clearly not the relationship commitment type.

– Asked if she thinks a person has to be crazy to agree to go to Mars. For her, it’s only as “crazy” as getting married, having kids and dying.

Jeremias is a doctor from Mozambique.


More about Jeremias:

– He feels that there are major problems on Earth that are now unsolvable — and that the answer is to start from the beginning again… on a new planet.

– If he falls in love before he goes, he thinks it will be a problem because he can’t control or avoid falling in love. But, he says he’ll try to stop the feelings.

Is dying on Mars worth it?






This mini-documentary from The Guardian and Stateless Media takes a closer look at the three finalists who are willing to sacrifice so much. Watch it here, good luck them!

Would you do it? Tell us your thoughts in the comments


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