Two Trans Men Prove An Important Point With A Simple Photo Shoot



Meet Jason and Aydian, two friends that have combined to create a viral sensation.  Jason owns FTM Magazine and Aydian will be featuring in a mostly nude photo for the April issue. FTM is shorthand for transitioning from “female to male.”

Aydian will also be featuring on the cover, as seen below.


The big talking point, however, and the image that has gone viral is the recreation of Adam Levine’s iconic naked photo that originally featured in Cosmopolitan a few years ago.

Levine’s picture was originally published by Cosmopolitan to raise awareness of testicular and prostate cancer. His genitals were covered by the hands of his girlfriend at the time Anne Vyalitsyna.


Aydian’s recreation comes with the quote: ‘Some areas of my body used to remind me of everything I’m not, now they represent everything I am.’

‘We’ve received almost unanimous support for it and our attempts at creating visibility for the trans masculine spectrum,’ Jason told The Huffington Post

‘We by no means mean to say that this is what all transgender males look like, but this is what one of us looks like and it’s no different from our cisgender counterparts.’

‘We’ve had comments saying “he doesn’t look trans” which brings up a great point on what does trans even look like?’ he added.

‘Perhaps we’re struggling so hard for our rights here because people have a false sense of who we are. So besides the entertainment factor of a sexy naked man, there is a element of positive visibility too.’

H/T: Upworthy, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post

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