Turkish Men Come Up With Brilliantly Unique Way To Stand Up For Women's Rights


Turkish Protest

The men of Turkey have taken a stand to combat violence against women. How they have chosen to make that stand has got everyone talking. One word, miniskirts.

Their actions come in the wake of the brutal murder of 20-year-old student Ozgecan Aslan who was recently killed after resisting an attempted rape. The case has ignited debate on violence against women in Turkey.

So these men chose to show their support by wearing miniskirts when protesting on the streets of Istanbul over the weekend.



Aslan was the last passenger on a minibus on a couple of weeks ago when her driver altered his route and beat her with an iron pipe after she fought off his attempted rape, killing her and then burning her body. Understandably the case has ignited outrage throughout the country.




After the initial publicity generated by the protest more men have taken to social media to show their support. They have been using the hashtag #ozgecanicinminietekgiy, which roughly translates as “wear a miniskirt for Ozgecan,” Others have been posting messages of support for Turkish women.




Watch this video to see more of the protest.

H/T: The Independent, Mashable

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