Take A Peek At The Underground Cycle Paths That Could Be Coming To London



London is congested. Anyone who takes the underground during rush hour does so with the knowledge they will more than likely be spending the entire journey with their face squashed up against a friendly arm-pit. One company thinks they have found the solution to London’s travel congestion problems, and it’s a blooming great idea.

Design firm Gensler has come up with the London Underline. The project would see disused underground tunnels revamped and populated by pedestrians. At the mouth of each tunnel would be a line of Boris bikes for use, or you could simply walk down the allocated footpath. 

The idea just landed the ‘Best Conceptual Project’ gong at the London Planning awards. It’s support is gaining momentum and maybe we’re just getting over-excited but it’s difficult to see a reason why it shouldn’t go ahead. 

Take a look at this video and tell us what you think.

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