How The Snow Is Defeating Dutch Drug Dealers


Owners of Cannabis farms are being arrested in their droves in Holland after the police noticed a tell tale give away; melted snow on the roof.


And because you are all so innocent, we’re sure of it, we’ll explain why this is a giveaway. Cannabis needs very warm temperatures to grow effectively, so this often leaves houses with Cannabis plants growing inside often significantly warmer than the properties surrounding them. By jingo, you’ve got it!

Local police have encouraged the public to report neighbors with suspiciously bare roofs, as they may be hiding more than just bad loft insulation.

This technique appears to be working as arrests of Cannabis growers has increased significantly since the white weather began.

In Zutphen, Gelderland, a farm containing 88 marijuana plants was found in a bedroom and in Arnhem on Wednesday, two properties were raided resulting in several arrests. Again, snow proved to be the growers’ undoing, with a statement from the Dutch police saying neighbours had noticed there was “no snow on the roof of the building, unlike surrounding properties”, as well as detecting telling “odours”.

Although this technique cannot be used much in the UK due to a distinct lack of snow, the police frequently use heat-sensitive cameras to track down Cannabis farms.

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