A Second, Arguably Even Stranger Mutant Pig Has Been Born, This Time In The UK


Pig Blurr

A second mutant piglet has been born within a matter of days of the image of the first one going viral. Earlier this week a Chinese farmer was approached and offered huge sums of cash for a genetically mutant pig that sadly passed away. Now it has happened all over again, except this time it’s in Scotland.

This second pig was born on a farm in Aberdeenshire but it is believed to have died at birth. 

A stockman from the farm, known only as Ian, said:

“When I went in this morning I seen it lying there and I immediately thought ‘I’ve seen that in the paper’, I wanted people to see that these things happen in Scotland too. It is very rare and no one here has ever seen anything like it before.”

“The piglet was part of a litter of ten and the rest were fine, it probably died at birth and wouldn’t have been able to suckle from its mother. I don’t know if the pig in China would have been alive at all, as it wouldn’t have been able to feed. At any one time there can be 19 litters of piglets, so you do get some with deformities, but nothing like this.”

Warning, some may find the below image disturbing

Pig Full

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