This Poor Student Has A Tiny Dorm And A Lot Of Responsibility, He's Our New Hero


Guo Shijun is a young man that has faced incredible difficulties. During a building accident, his father became paralyzed. Shijun has to care for his father on a  full time basis because his mother is sadly unable to after lingering effects from a battle with meningitus left her mentally disabled. Even though Guo Shijun spent the majority of his days caring for his parents, he found a way to make it into a top university. However,  he couldn’t handle the thought of leaving them behind



Guo managed to talk his university into letting his father stay in his dorm room, so that he could remain as his fathers carer even while he was studying for his degree. He had the specialist bed put into the dorm room and happily looks after his dad, while his grandparents look after his mother.


This amazing student is paying his tuition with help from his family and friends (approximately £3,000) and has managed to earn a scholarship to help him on his way, but he doesn’t mind the hard work or the challenge. But even though he is struggling now, he still has hope. “I think once I graduate things will get much better.”




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