Myleene Klass Shames Demanding Parents Who Sent 'Bonkers' Email




Myleene Klass has had enough of middle class mothers and she has taken to Instagram to throw shame on their “bonkers” demands. 

Myleene’s gripe is with a parent who suggested that all the other parents at her daughter’s school club could pitch together to buy her a Kindle for her birthday. According to the email (below) Sarah wants a Kindle and Lola a desk. If anything Lola’s parents are selling her a little short here, have they not heard about the Apple watch? 

Here’s the emails that cheesed Myleene off.


Myleene sent a sharp reply poking fun at the requests. We’re pretty sure she will have been scratched off the afternoon tea list after this.



Myleene clearly gets the idea, aim high and see what you get.

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